I found my boys!

For a while now (at least in spirit because I had too much work to really do something about it) I have been wondering about what "my" Harry and Draco should look like in my drawings.

Then yesterday, I took the time to google some good-looking guys do some research and a first sketch. By the time I arrived at my second sketch, those two here looked at me from my virtual page:

the boys by LLAP115

Original version in full resolution can be found here.

And I couldn't believe it. Here they were, my boys ;D A bit vulnerable, a bit unsure maybe, definitely haughty, and all angles and sexy af!

Looking forward to throwing them in all kinds of situations. But first I want to work on a whole page of expressions for them, so that they turn into complete characters. A cheat sheet — if you want to call it that — which will help me stay consistent within a comic or from work to work.

My very first adventure into fanart: "Draco, the secret animagus"

I have finally decided to also join hd_erised YAY ME!
But to be eligible to join, you need to have posted at least one "fest quality" piece somewhere by the end of July. I have started (and almost finished) a piece for another fest, but I can't post that yet, so I needed something new.

While I was working last week, an idea hit me (like a lightening bolt, lol) and I had to write it down and do the first sketch. This was the sketch I did:

When I could finally start drawing Friday night, I changed the design of the dragon immidiately. In the beginning, they should only have been on a gray or yellowish background. But today, I put them on a mountain xD

This is the final piece:

Collapse )

Also, while talking about this piece on my favorite discord server (Drarry Squad | Writers + Artists https://discord.gg/6sX7zDS ), we somehow ended up plotting a story where "How To Train Your Dragon" meets "Harry Potter" ... more art to come? ;-)

Join the discord server if you haven't already. It's an awesome place with lots of creative people and the most productive productivity sprints ever!